Is it possible to solve the Iranian conflict by diplomacy?

2nd in-class writing activity

121111 Yoonhoo Chang



Topic: Is it possible to solve the Iranian conflict by diplomacy?


Complex international relations produce many conflicts or clashes. In most occasions, UN, the head association where the presidents and leaders can meet, gives opportunities to solve a problem in a peaceful way, which is through diplomacy. However, the fact that Iran is suspected of developing its own nuclear weapon is the biggest issue which might not be solved through diplomacy. There is a big controversy going on about the solution to this problem and whether US should do something to this or not. It is hard to be solved through diplomacy. The opinion will be supported by the arguments and reasons I will provide below.

It will be challenging to reach a peaceful agreement with Iran. President Obama, in his first term of presidency, stated that he will make peaceful relationship with the Middle East, and tried to do so. However, the result is negative. Majority of the press say it was not at all successful, and that he has to renew the approach towards the Middle-East. Also, Iran is assuming a firm attitude that the nuclear program is for self-protection, and that they are ready to respond for any possible attacks from Israel.

Also, there is little time to make peaceful diplomacy. As seen in many articles, the Iranian nuclear program is being completed, and the enriched uranium is detected. If the completion is getting closer, and the possible consequence is that Iran having nuclear weapon is too dangerous, then time for diplomacy might not be possible. Moreover, the situation and talks between Israel and Iran is intensified than any other time. Military assaults are being expected, and that is never welcomed.

However, there is an opinion that diplomacy needs other countries, especially the US, to be involved, and countries do not prefer the involvement. President Obama, in the UN assembly, showed that he does not want US to be involved in relation between Israel and Iran, but if the situation threatens the safety of the world, US army will be involved. During the assembly, the talks between the president and the members who came with him to the assembly was said to be intense. President Obama said that he does never want the US to be included, and members stated that US should show that US will be fully aware of the fact that US will be included in the situation if there is a big danger to the world. US definitely wanted to solve this problem through diplomacy, to not trigger any military-related danger.

The situation is complex. It is sure to attempt to first solve this problem through diplomacy, but the time is flowing and it is likely that the diplomacy may not be possible. The problem is making other problems to emerge, and the situation is getting worse. It is not the time to think about every possible way to solve the problem. Instead, if one solution is possible and better for the situation, then it should be executed. The best solution now seems to include army power.


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