Importance of family.

Topic: Importance of family.

<family: the building block of society, and must be maintained>


The word ‘family’ is the one of the most usual words people use. And people are mostly familiar with the positive psychological effect the family can provide. However, people are not aware of the real concrete benefits of family in the society. Real benefits that can ensure society’s maintenance and make healthy society. Real benefit that does not include widely-known emotional effect such as providing love. Prerequisite for the society is the proper members, and prerequisite for the health of society is the presence of a comfort zone within society itself. As family produces and nurtures proper members for society. Also, it provides the buffer zone, or the comfort zone for the members of the society. It is not an exaggeration to call family a building stone of society. Therefore, I assert that human beings need family in order to maintain life, and society needs family in order to maintain its existence. Furthermore, because the forms of family are many, I will only give an example of typical marriage-based family.


As I mentioned earlier, the most important benefit of the existence of the family is production and nurture of social members. In Korean society, when the marriage is approved, a woman usually move into man’s house and become the member of that man’s family. She lives with parents in-law, and after she gives birth to an offspring, the house then contains three generations, which is typical for a Korean family. Nurturing after the birth of the child is most of the times provided by the mother, who can either give up on her career, or give up on her free time in order to maintain the career along with the job of nurturing the child. Because grandparents at that period of time most likely have little capacity of earning money, the parents of the child earns money that can be used for proper nurturing. Education, which is the most emphasized part of nurturing in Korea, is adequately provided to a child in a normal family. Manners, visions and other factors important for the child to become a good member of the society are given in the family. Then along with essential factors needed for the proper member of the society and the world, child grows up, capable of being independent and making the next generation of family. No other form of group other than ‘family’ is actually able to go through this process. Some may argue that the production of members of the society doesn’t necessarily need the family form, but the production of ‘proper’ members, the result of proper nurturing, need family.


Teenage suicidal, neglect of the aged, conflict and hurt among social members, and so on: there are myriads of problems in the society that seem to have no exact solution. However, many problems can be solved through communication and interaction within the family. Family comes up with the buffer zone, or comfort zone, for the exhausted and hurt individuals in the society. Family members are those most used to, and the house is where individuals can feel utmost comfort. When I was young, I was sick for most of the time. Since I was born as a weak child with low lung capacity and many more infant diseases, my early life was filled with the memories of being in hospital. As I had no chance to play with the kids of my age, I had no clue to talk with the same aged kids, and nor did I know how to make friends. In the first year of elementary school, I was not able to talk to the kids and was hurt by kids who called me a mute. I remember saying to myself that I was worthless, so I thought living in this world was not worthwhile. It was then when my family members helped me out of self-dilemma. I told them the difficulties I was facing, and parents and grandparents came up with a solution and encouraged me well. After the talk and encouragement of family members, I could talk and befriend kids in the same age. I went through several more difficulties, can each time family members helped me get out of the depression. Teenage suicidal will decrease greatly if they talk and communicate with their family members, like I did. Hurts in one’s heart can be cured also. Furthermore, the neglect of the aged will decrease if family members keep on talking and loving each other. What the offspring got from his or her parents is then reversely delivered back to the parents when many years pass.


However, there are many people, especially those from younger generations, who think that living with a family and later having an offspring of their own is not beneficial to their lives. Since career and freedom are the most important factors for them in the life, they think family can be an obstacle to this. True, each of the family members need to sacrifice in order to maintain family. Working mothers lose their free time, and at first have to live uncomfortable with the ‘in-law’ parents. Grandparents of mine had to sacrifice their time and emotion in order to keep an eye on me and nurture me whenever my mother was away for work. Ones who talk about not having family were raised by parents of grandparents, and they must have sacrificed something in order to nurture children. Moreover, when parents get older, the beloved sons and daughters would take care of them, basically returning the long-term love and sacrifice their parents had given. So it is okay to say the relationship of family members is win-win relationship. Sacrificing doesn’t mean losing. Instead, sacrificing means that what one have given would return.


Love, care, and deep comfort comes out from the family. Not only these, but also concrete evidence of benefactors comes out from the family. Having a dream, having a career and letting nothing to hinder one is alright. However, the form of the family I have experienced and I have been raised from seems to be more right for me. I know I must sacrifice one thing or more to maintain the existence of my family, but probably it will be worth it.



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