Does money lead to selfishness?

Assignment: Does money lead to selfishness?


In the past, people’s hope towards earning money was not as enthusiastic as nowadays. As my great-grandfather, who was a farmer, told me, money is the reward, not the purpose for  working. He said when you get a job, focus on doing well in that job, and do not focus on earning lot of money. When money is the last thing you consider in your life, then you’ll be a lot happier, he said. I agreed with him, and tried to live according to the maxims he gave me. However, as I lived 15 years in Korean society and 1 year in American society, I began to believe that somehow, people can be very selfish when it comes to the issue of money. My long-held belief that good adults would not think money as their first and most valuable factor in the life had changed. People can do many cruel things to earn money, and definitely, money lead to selfishness.


Some would ask about the riches who donate millions and billions of dollars to charity, asking that they should be proving that money doesn’t make people selfish. There are many cases of big donations from the enormously rich people, and these donations are helpful to the everyday lives of many poor people. However, even though there are few riches who donate their money and earn good image, there are many unpopular people who show selfishness in the process of earning money or after that. There are people who are not selfish with the money, but there are too many people who are too selfish with the usage, and earning of money. Furthermore, the rich people who donated lots of money to the charity is often accused as being not as caring to their own employees. One famous example of Warren Buffit shows us that he acted nice to the charity, but cruel to the employers, by giving not enough money to them.


The reason why I think money leads to selfishness is that money brings vanity. You can easily see that on the example of state lotteries. The winners are so happy since they earned lot of money by pure luck, and they get a spotlight. However, after a few while most of them spend all of their money to their pleasure and fun, and finally end up with nothing. Money leads to vanity. And vanity eventually leads to selfishness since it makes people only think about themselves. They only think about their family’s happiness, their own beauty, and such.


There are the ones who tolerate the temptation of money and satisfy with what you have gotten so far, but there are so many who does not. The reason why I argue that money leads to selfishness is this. Not all lottery winners spend their money foolishly on useless things for self-satisfaction. Not all riches treat their employees badly, and focus on the positive image. Lottery winners who continued to maintain their jobs and lived their lives as if nothing changed lived happy, and there are perfect CEOs who cares his employee along with donating money. But these are minority. Majority of people want to show off, and keep wanting more things. Because there are too many of ‘non-tolerating’ ones, I can dare say that the money leads to selfishness.


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