Leader of opposition-debate speech.

Yoonhoo Chang, 121111, 10b3.

THBT facebook is overrated and should fall from grace. (opposition)

Leader of opposition speech.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The motion for today’s debate is THBT Facebook is overrated should fall to disgrace. As the leader of opposition, I first would like say we disagree with the government’s definition. Rate in the word overrated, according to the proposition, is evaluation by the specific number. However, opposition disagree. Rate can mean the evaluation made by the people, the 900million users in the facebook. We say that the rate definition provided by the proposition team is narrow, and moreover, the rate can not only mean the stock price, which is just a number.

Now I will go on to rebut 2 arguments made by the prime minister. First argument of the opposition team was:

First argument and second argument will be provided by me and third argument will be provided by our deputy leader of opposition, 혜정. Now I will go on the rebut the arguments made by the prime minister.


Their first argument was that facebook actually has no profit. They said the facebook only had the ads and the social games to make a profit, but this actually is not a real benefit, neither it makes real money. However, we, opposition team believe that this is a wrong statement.

We say that the value that facebook makes in these games and apps cannot be denied. As we keep on talking, 900million users, or probably more users as time passes right now, are going into the facebook, using these apps. These are more than influential. Moreover, the sponsor is something we cannot deny on. Facebook give millions of ads for their sponsors. Sponsores provide money to facebook almost directly. Proposition cannot say this is not the benefit.


Their second argument was that facebook hurts people. Or something close to that. They provided examples to support their opinion, saying that in one high school 7%of the students are negatively bullied by the facebook. They said it is the big number.

We say that more than majority of the students who are in the facebook is using facebook for the good, and get helped by the facebook. The opposition side also stated that facebook really do no good to the people, but however, facebook, as we stated and going to state on the further debate, has values we all are kind of familar with.

Now I’ll go on to present the first argument of our team.


Our first arugument was, the function of the facebook. There many valuable functions of facebook which can benefit the people’s daily lives.

-profile: upload the picture, share the thoughts, update curret feelings or status

-wall: public place for the meeting of the people. friends can see your wall, friends of your friends can see that also. This mean the extension of the relationship, which means a lot.

-chat: is the private place for friends and people to talk in. the secret is protected by the other people, and you can freeily, and comfortably on the chatting.

-group: you can form a group and talk. There is not othe SNS device which can do this freeily just like facebook.

Our second argument was, as I repeat, the value of the facebook.

The proof that the facebook is not overrated is made by the app, and user statistics. We believe that if these statistics showed an clear increase, because it means people=benefit from going into facebook in any ways, and facebook is valued.

and, it is =increased, not decreased over the period of time. This proves that facebook that we are talking about was not overvalued, and actualy giving benefits to the people so that users increase, and the uses of apps also.

I’ll also explain about the value of facebook that most of the students normally know. The values of the facebook is many, and what I say is only a part.

-facebook: same interest, same thoughts can form a group and talk.

value: no other SNS devices provide this kind of activity. People share the same interest, meet the people who share the same interest with themselves, and have nice talk. People who are from another country, people who never can normally meet can meet can talk in the facebook. No one will say this is not valuable.

-facebook: find old friend.

finding an old friend, or old friends, it probably the most difficult thing to do in the online. Friends do not appear on the internet search, much less that they do not change phone number. In our everyday lives, it is really, seriously hard to find an old friend who went to the same school with you.

But as you guys must know, facebook happens to find you many friends

-facebook: chats.

facebook chatting is convenient.

-can know who is online

-informs you with the alarms, which appears right after you get into the facebook.

-can know when someone read your talk, and know when someone’s writing a reply to you.

-most importantly, facebook allow you to work on posting your notes on your space, and chat with your friends.


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