Iran nuclear talk

Iran and Israel are going through huge conflict. This conflict, if devleoped in wrong and aggressive way, can cause a serious war. The war can then cause deaths of many people, even the youngster. Being provided with the information about the Syrin situation, I begin to worry  a lot about them. Current situation is that two sides, which is Iran and Israel, are having problem understanding each other’s arguements, and moreover, they are not attempting to even listen. These conflict began when Iran was trying make energy source for potential nuclear devices.Israel, who already have the nuclear weapon, thought that if they let the Iran make this energy source, it will be so dangerous. I think the biggest disequilibrium in this clash is Israel’s aggressive attitude towards Iran. I know that the world is criticizing over Iran’s nuclear weapon because they are sure it will cause a problem. However, as many people may know, saying that you never believe someone and be aggressive towards that person even though that one did nothing is not really polite thing to do. This unpolite thing is something that Israel is doing. In my opinon, I think Israel should be not very aggressive towards Iran. Have a talk with them, give them some reasons to give up the nuclear source for the better world. Such as, giving up their own nuclear weapons.


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