Should we help North Korea with food and resources?

Millions of people are dying from poverty and hunger right now. People who have survived are catching all kinds of animals, or even a stem of trees in mountains to keep on living. According to the ‘Han gue rae’ news, in North Korea, the main cause of the deaths of children under age 16 is malnutrition. South Korea has been providing food and resources to North Korea, hoping to improve the situation of normal citizens in North Korea. However, even though is is an action to make the livelihoods of North Koreans improve, we have to think about the huge side effects it can cast on South Korea, and North Korea. Just giving resources and food in tracks or ships, should be reconsidered because of two reasons. First, we do not know whether the resources are going to people whom we want to help, and second, North Korea may want more resources than we gave before, and that may have a big side effect on our current economy.


First, we do not know whether the resources we gave go directly to the normal citizens or not. In the news I’ve seen before, there is a saying that North Korea is using it for their government and military. This is not the purpose of our South Korean government. We need to reconsider because developing the government and military of North Korea may have a worse effect to normal North Koreans.

Second, we do not know what North Korea will want after we freeily give resources and food to help them. Recently, when we sent the first aids and emergency food resources, North Korea said in the official meeting that they wanted more. Already, the resources going in the ‘help’ is enough to have effect on our own economy. That’s the second reason why we should reconsider.

So this is why I think we should reconsider once more, even though their situation is very pathetic.


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