Living like hobbits-entoyoonhoo

turf houses

Bare footed people, small but pretty houses with grass roofs, delicious foods with ingredients coming from the backyard, fun and beautiful festivals…these are all related to the ‘hobbits’. They are the ones who appear in the fantasy novels. Small, but wise creatures who know how to live along with nature and adjust to it. The reason why I came out with this image and the title is that the way they are living is the way I think many people should live. This may sound bizarre, I understand. But think about the way they live along with nature, and compare it with our lives. Don’t you think we live in the world with too much gray? Yes, many things will happen and many abrupt accidents or changes may be made if the world tries to change its color into green. However, since changing its color means humans are going to live more healthier, probably more happier like the hobbits singing and dancing in the festivals. This is why I wrote this strange title and this strange picture. I will probably right a long paper about ‘to live green’ topic I just slightly mentioned about, but at least for now I hope many people get curious about the title and get some idea about living green is important.


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