Pot nature

South Korea has one big problem related to Koreans’ personality. It’s so-called ‘pot nature’. When an event occurs and if that is provoking enough to make Koreans really angry, they explode like the water in the boiling pot. Facebook, blog, twitters explode with the words and sentences related to this. And then when certain period of time passes, suddenly people forget about the news completely. Nobody is interested, and nobody’s talking about it, even in the news. Chun-an ham situation, the fact that we need apology from Japanese about comfort women, school-violence, and so on. Even though these were issues we should never forget, people forget about these so easily.

We need some device for the people to memorize these. If pot nature, hot-tempered instinct of Korean goes on forever, we will make no progress on international relationship. Are we going to be angry at North Korea and Japan forever without saying nothing about what they have to do to us? No, I think we shouldn’t.

I want the news to contain the issues you need to remember, not the issues which is hot ‘now’. People need to be reminded by devices. Newspapers, I think, needs to contain these sections and probably that’s enough. The list of the problems and ways to solve the conflict in a peaceful way should be coming out in the blogs and twitters of Koreans. As I always listen in the English class, maybe some people, some students can come out with solutions nobody ever thought of. But if those people who has that idea thinks it is no use because it is not highlighted, how are we going to solve these problem wisely?


international organizations, governments-disequilibrium

Innocent people are dying because of bombs and hunger. Even infants are being killed, and their parents are wailing for the death of these completely innocent young ones. Overall, the CNN news reports that nearly 7500 people would have been dead by Syrian government’s inhumane bombing toward its own citizens. It also reported that 104 people died in one day, and hundreds of survived citizens are suffering from hunger. One citizen of Syria told the CNN that she ate two cups of coffee and that was all for that day. There are surely the shortage of medicines which are crucial for the survival. Even though the situation is getting worse and worse, international organizations are not helping the situation because they are worried if their allies will be badly influenced by their helping acts.

In my opinion, disequilibrium is that international organizations and Syrian government itself is not having any sense about the cruelty of this situation. There are not thinking about the people, and they are only thinking about the country, or relationship between countries. First, for the Syrian government, I think they should have thought about the innocent ‘lives’ being killed or injured, not the ‘protestors’ who are going against the government. Second, for the international organizations such as NATO, I think they should have thought about people first, not the countries. Countries can only exist with the support of the citizen, and the presence of the citizen. So, just in my own opinion, I think international organizations such as United Nations should quickly help the people who are being bombed, and also make negotiation between the government and the people. Both sides have strong opinion that is hard to be fixed, so the third person should come in to the situation. I believe this is the most important thing to help Syrians.