Hello world!

Chang, Yoonhoo.

The name means I will become more shiny.


When I was born in 1996, the name ‘Yoonhoo’ was already prepared for me.

The name my Grandfather thought about for 1 month.

The name my Grandmother thought about for 1 year.


I always loved my name, and there are so many reasons why.

First, I never met anyone who had the same name as I.

Second, there is a chocolate milk named ‘Yoohoo’ and that’s similar to the name.

Third, ther is a animation titled ‘Yoonhoo and friends’ and somehow that makes me happy.

Fourth, I have millions of funny nicknames coming from my name, and I like most of them.

Fifth, it’s fun to see foreign friends having problem pronouncing my name.


But of all these reasons, the best reason why I like my name is that..

I believe I can be more shiny as I grow up, as the meaning of my name.


When I think about my name, I feel soft.

When I think about my name, I feel like I can smell chocolate milk.

When I think about my name, I can see and feel the strong arms of my grandparents protecting me.


These are the reaons why I loved my name, and the reasons why I always will.