Importance of family.

Topic: Importance of family.

<family: the building block of society, and must be maintained>


The word ‘family’ is the one of the most usual words people use. And people are mostly familiar with the positive psychological effect the family can provide. However, people are not aware of the real concrete benefits of family in the society. Real benefits that can ensure society’s maintenance and make healthy society. Real benefit that does not include widely-known emotional effect such as providing love. Prerequisite for the society is the proper members, and prerequisite for the health of society is the presence of a comfort zone within society itself. As family produces and nurtures proper members for society. Also, it provides the buffer zone, or the comfort zone for the members of the society. It is not an exaggeration to call family a building stone of society. Therefore, I assert that human beings need family in order to maintain life, and society needs family in order to maintain its existence. Furthermore, because the forms of family are many, I will only give an example of typical marriage-based family.


As I mentioned earlier, the most important benefit of the existence of the family is production and nurture of social members. In Korean society, when the marriage is approved, a woman usually move into man’s house and become the member of that man’s family. She lives with parents in-law, and after she gives birth to an offspring, the house then contains three generations, which is typical for a Korean family. Nurturing after the birth of the child is most of the times provided by the mother, who can either give up on her career, or give up on her free time in order to maintain the career along with the job of nurturing the child. Because grandparents at that period of time most likely have little capacity of earning money, the parents of the child earns money that can be used for proper nurturing. Education, which is the most emphasized part of nurturing in Korea, is adequately provided to a child in a normal family. Manners, visions and other factors important for the child to become a good member of the society are given in the family. Then along with essential factors needed for the proper member of the society and the world, child grows up, capable of being independent and making the next generation of family. No other form of group other than ‘family’ is actually able to go through this process. Some may argue that the production of members of the society doesn’t necessarily need the family form, but the production of ‘proper’ members, the result of proper nurturing, need family.


Teenage suicidal, neglect of the aged, conflict and hurt among social members, and so on: there are myriads of problems in the society that seem to have no exact solution. However, many problems can be solved through communication and interaction within the family. Family comes up with the buffer zone, or comfort zone, for the exhausted and hurt individuals in the society. Family members are those most used to, and the house is where individuals can feel utmost comfort. When I was young, I was sick for most of the time. Since I was born as a weak child with low lung capacity and many more infant diseases, my early life was filled with the memories of being in hospital. As I had no chance to play with the kids of my age, I had no clue to talk with the same aged kids, and nor did I know how to make friends. In the first year of elementary school, I was not able to talk to the kids and was hurt by kids who called me a mute. I remember saying to myself that I was worthless, so I thought living in this world was not worthwhile. It was then when my family members helped me out of self-dilemma. I told them the difficulties I was facing, and parents and grandparents came up with a solution and encouraged me well. After the talk and encouragement of family members, I could talk and befriend kids in the same age. I went through several more difficulties, can each time family members helped me get out of the depression. Teenage suicidal will decrease greatly if they talk and communicate with their family members, like I did. Hurts in one’s heart can be cured also. Furthermore, the neglect of the aged will decrease if family members keep on talking and loving each other. What the offspring got from his or her parents is then reversely delivered back to the parents when many years pass.


However, there are many people, especially those from younger generations, who think that living with a family and later having an offspring of their own is not beneficial to their lives. Since career and freedom are the most important factors for them in the life, they think family can be an obstacle to this. True, each of the family members need to sacrifice in order to maintain family. Working mothers lose their free time, and at first have to live uncomfortable with the ‘in-law’ parents. Grandparents of mine had to sacrifice their time and emotion in order to keep an eye on me and nurture me whenever my mother was away for work. Ones who talk about not having family were raised by parents of grandparents, and they must have sacrificed something in order to nurture children. Moreover, when parents get older, the beloved sons and daughters would take care of them, basically returning the long-term love and sacrifice their parents had given. So it is okay to say the relationship of family members is win-win relationship. Sacrificing doesn’t mean losing. Instead, sacrificing means that what one have given would return.


Love, care, and deep comfort comes out from the family. Not only these, but also concrete evidence of benefactors comes out from the family. Having a dream, having a career and letting nothing to hinder one is alright. However, the form of the family I have experienced and I have been raised from seems to be more right for me. I know I must sacrifice one thing or more to maintain the existence of my family, but probably it will be worth it.



about the castration to the child-minors sex rapist.

In-class writing assignment: about the castration to the child-minors sex rapist.

Chang Yoonhoo, 10b2, 121111

One girl lost everything and have to live in painful dreams. This is the news recently in South Korea: the castration. I would like to say that castration is mandatory, and if it is done, then it is better to physically castrate the criminal. The girl lost her health, personality, dreams, and the freedom to live normal life. It is justifiable for these criminals, and I will provide the reasons.


First, it is effective. Let’s think about chemical castration. It is expensive, and it does not even completely stop the function of testicles, which leads to sexual indulgence. So when the injection stops, criminals return to normal state. Also, punishment recently implied to the criminals, ‘electronic tagging’, is proved to be ineffective. Rapists only think this as a jewel, since police cannot know what one is doing. They only know where the person is located. However, physical castration had not failed its purpose ever since it was first enforced. In Czech Republic, operation was done on 90 criminals, and the rape rate significantly dropped since then. The punishment includes completely removing the testicles, so without further treatments, the castration lasts forever.


Second, it can prevent further crimes. According to a jail survey, criminals are extremely scared about physical castration, even more than capital punishment. If you are a men, then anyone would be scared of this kind of punishment, since it is permanently destroying one’s most important function in a man’s life. This is justifiable and proper punishment to prevent possible crimes, since the possible rapists will most likely cease thinking about an offense. Furthermore, critics say that the most important purpose for the punishment is making sure that these criminals return to society in a state of the normalcy. But I guess ‘ceasing the possibility’ should be better for many people who can be the future victims.


Some can say it is inhumane. Saying that it is a torture, and making a human’s body deformed cannot be tolerated in any circumstances. It is understandable, but the problem is, that ‘some’ do not see the damage children have gotten. Victims get their intestines, anus, vagina, and other essential organs severely damaged. It is not all. There is the damage to the brain also, as well on to one’s soul. More than we can imagine. When a psychopath do the continuous murder, many people agree that he deserves a death sentence. Then these people say this is not the case for rape, if the victim is alive. See the facts I listed above. The victims are not truly alive. They are suffering through endless torture both physically and mentally.


In conclusion, the chemical castration is reversible, so that the criminals can go back to the normal life, but the injury the victims got is irreversible. We should not let our precious kids in the hand of dangerous rapists. “Rape is a crime against sleep and memory; it’s after image imprints itself like an irreversible negative from the camera obscure of dreams. Though victims’ bodies would heal, their souls had sustained a damage beyond compensation.”, said an author and educator who met many victims. So for further preventions and effective punishment, I think physical castration is needed.

Does money lead to selfishness?

Assignment: Does money lead to selfishness?


In the past, people’s hope towards earning money was not as enthusiastic as nowadays. As my great-grandfather, who was a farmer, told me, money is the reward, not the purpose for  working. He said when you get a job, focus on doing well in that job, and do not focus on earning lot of money. When money is the last thing you consider in your life, then you’ll be a lot happier, he said. I agreed with him, and tried to live according to the maxims he gave me. However, as I lived 15 years in Korean society and 1 year in American society, I began to believe that somehow, people can be very selfish when it comes to the issue of money. My long-held belief that good adults would not think money as their first and most valuable factor in the life had changed. People can do many cruel things to earn money, and definitely, money lead to selfishness.


Some would ask about the riches who donate millions and billions of dollars to charity, asking that they should be proving that money doesn’t make people selfish. There are many cases of big donations from the enormously rich people, and these donations are helpful to the everyday lives of many poor people. However, even though there are few riches who donate their money and earn good image, there are many unpopular people who show selfishness in the process of earning money or after that. There are people who are not selfish with the money, but there are too many people who are too selfish with the usage, and earning of money. Furthermore, the rich people who donated lots of money to the charity is often accused as being not as caring to their own employees. One famous example of Warren Buffit shows us that he acted nice to the charity, but cruel to the employers, by giving not enough money to them.


The reason why I think money leads to selfishness is that money brings vanity. You can easily see that on the example of state lotteries. The winners are so happy since they earned lot of money by pure luck, and they get a spotlight. However, after a few while most of them spend all of their money to their pleasure and fun, and finally end up with nothing. Money leads to vanity. And vanity eventually leads to selfishness since it makes people only think about themselves. They only think about their family’s happiness, their own beauty, and such.


There are the ones who tolerate the temptation of money and satisfy with what you have gotten so far, but there are so many who does not. The reason why I argue that money leads to selfishness is this. Not all lottery winners spend their money foolishly on useless things for self-satisfaction. Not all riches treat their employees badly, and focus on the positive image. Lottery winners who continued to maintain their jobs and lived their lives as if nothing changed lived happy, and there are perfect CEOs who cares his employee along with donating money. But these are minority. Majority of people want to show off, and keep wanting more things. Because there are too many of ‘non-tolerating’ ones, I can dare say that the money leads to selfishness.

Is it possible to solve the Iranian conflict by diplomacy?

2nd in-class writing activity

121111 Yoonhoo Chang



Topic: Is it possible to solve the Iranian conflict by diplomacy?


Complex international relations produce many conflicts or clashes. In most occasions, UN, the head association where the presidents and leaders can meet, gives opportunities to solve a problem in a peaceful way, which is through diplomacy. However, the fact that Iran is suspected of developing its own nuclear weapon is the biggest issue which might not be solved through diplomacy. There is a big controversy going on about the solution to this problem and whether US should do something to this or not. It is hard to be solved through diplomacy. The opinion will be supported by the arguments and reasons I will provide below.

It will be challenging to reach a peaceful agreement with Iran. President Obama, in his first term of presidency, stated that he will make peaceful relationship with the Middle East, and tried to do so. However, the result is negative. Majority of the press say it was not at all successful, and that he has to renew the approach towards the Middle-East. Also, Iran is assuming a firm attitude that the nuclear program is for self-protection, and that they are ready to respond for any possible attacks from Israel.

Also, there is little time to make peaceful diplomacy. As seen in many articles, the Iranian nuclear program is being completed, and the enriched uranium is detected. If the completion is getting closer, and the possible consequence is that Iran having nuclear weapon is too dangerous, then time for diplomacy might not be possible. Moreover, the situation and talks between Israel and Iran is intensified than any other time. Military assaults are being expected, and that is never welcomed.

However, there is an opinion that diplomacy needs other countries, especially the US, to be involved, and countries do not prefer the involvement. President Obama, in the UN assembly, showed that he does not want US to be involved in relation between Israel and Iran, but if the situation threatens the safety of the world, US army will be involved. During the assembly, the talks between the president and the members who came with him to the assembly was said to be intense. President Obama said that he does never want the US to be included, and members stated that US should show that US will be fully aware of the fact that US will be included in the situation if there is a big danger to the world. US definitely wanted to solve this problem through diplomacy, to not trigger any military-related danger.

The situation is complex. It is sure to attempt to first solve this problem through diplomacy, but the time is flowing and it is likely that the diplomacy may not be possible. The problem is making other problems to emerge, and the situation is getting worse. It is not the time to think about every possible way to solve the problem. Instead, if one solution is possible and better for the situation, then it should be executed. The best solution now seems to include army power.

Dear brother

Dear brother


When I sob in sadness

you see me with worry

saying that you’re sorry

though you have nothing to be


When I laugh in happiness

you smile with delight

dimples deep, eyes filled with light

though my happiness is not yours


Sometimes I am relieved

that you are my brother

that you are never leaving me


Often I am sad

that you are not beside me

that you are far away from where I am


But always,


I am thanking

that I have someone to pray for

that I have someone who prays for me


Dear brother, I confess

I love you more than I love myself

I love you so much more than you can expect

Leader of opposition-debate speech.

Yoonhoo Chang, 121111, 10b3.

THBT facebook is overrated and should fall from grace. (opposition)

Leader of opposition speech.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The motion for today’s debate is THBT Facebook is overrated should fall to disgrace. As the leader of opposition, I first would like say we disagree with the government’s definition. Rate in the word overrated, according to the proposition, is evaluation by the specific number. However, opposition disagree. Rate can mean the evaluation made by the people, the 900million users in the facebook. We say that the rate definition provided by the proposition team is narrow, and moreover, the rate can not only mean the stock price, which is just a number.

Now I will go on to rebut 2 arguments made by the prime minister. First argument of the opposition team was:

First argument and second argument will be provided by me and third argument will be provided by our deputy leader of opposition, 혜정. Now I will go on the rebut the arguments made by the prime minister.


Their first argument was that facebook actually has no profit. They said the facebook only had the ads and the social games to make a profit, but this actually is not a real benefit, neither it makes real money. However, we, opposition team believe that this is a wrong statement.

We say that the value that facebook makes in these games and apps cannot be denied. As we keep on talking, 900million users, or probably more users as time passes right now, are going into the facebook, using these apps. These are more than influential. Moreover, the sponsor is something we cannot deny on. Facebook give millions of ads for their sponsors. Sponsores provide money to facebook almost directly. Proposition cannot say this is not the benefit.


Their second argument was that facebook hurts people. Or something close to that. They provided examples to support their opinion, saying that in one high school 7%of the students are negatively bullied by the facebook. They said it is the big number.

We say that more than majority of the students who are in the facebook is using facebook for the good, and get helped by the facebook. The opposition side also stated that facebook really do no good to the people, but however, facebook, as we stated and going to state on the further debate, has values we all are kind of familar with.

Now I’ll go on to present the first argument of our team.


Our first arugument was, the function of the facebook. There many valuable functions of facebook which can benefit the people’s daily lives.

-profile: upload the picture, share the thoughts, update curret feelings or status

-wall: public place for the meeting of the people. friends can see your wall, friends of your friends can see that also. This mean the extension of the relationship, which means a lot.

-chat: is the private place for friends and people to talk in. the secret is protected by the other people, and you can freeily, and comfortably on the chatting.

-group: you can form a group and talk. There is not othe SNS device which can do this freeily just like facebook.

Our second argument was, as I repeat, the value of the facebook.

The proof that the facebook is not overrated is made by the app, and user statistics. We believe that if these statistics showed an clear increase, because it means people=benefit from going into facebook in any ways, and facebook is valued.

and, it is =increased, not decreased over the period of time. This proves that facebook that we are talking about was not overvalued, and actualy giving benefits to the people so that users increase, and the uses of apps also.

I’ll also explain about the value of facebook that most of the students normally know. The values of the facebook is many, and what I say is only a part.

-facebook: same interest, same thoughts can form a group and talk.

value: no other SNS devices provide this kind of activity. People share the same interest, meet the people who share the same interest with themselves, and have nice talk. People who are from another country, people who never can normally meet can meet can talk in the facebook. No one will say this is not valuable.

-facebook: find old friend.

finding an old friend, or old friends, it probably the most difficult thing to do in the online. Friends do not appear on the internet search, much less that they do not change phone number. In our everyday lives, it is really, seriously hard to find an old friend who went to the same school with you.

But as you guys must know, facebook happens to find you many friends

-facebook: chats.

facebook chatting is convenient.

-can know who is online

-informs you with the alarms, which appears right after you get into the facebook.

-can know when someone read your talk, and know when someone’s writing a reply to you.

-most importantly, facebook allow you to work on posting your notes on your space, and chat with your friends.